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We're going to the Big E on Tuesday and I'm super excited for all the animals and fair food.  Fried!  On a Stick!  AFTER THAT, I'm going to need to amend my ways and do some good things for my digestive system which is still a little tetchy from the stomach bug I had over the summer.  I think I may have convinced my cellmate to join me on month of crap free eating which should help with the day time excesses.  To wit:

I've bought a bunch of new lunch containers in smaller portion sizes and am starting with a couple of recipes this week to get the ball rolling.

Okay, yes it's a muffin and has some sugar.  But it amounts to about a tablespoon a portion, and is otherwise shockingly healthy.  I tend to think that any baked goods I make myself are okay as I control what goes into them.  I'm going to play with using honey as a sweetener exclusively over the month.

These should be ready in a week or so for use on sandwiches or as a little pickle on the side of whatever like the Japanese do.

Just because it's good for you and we had the ingredients lying about.

Also, not healthy but TASTY: home made blue cheese dressing: plus a little worchester sauce.
There's no reason to buy store made again. 
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Please, let's change the conversation.

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1)      I have a serious yarn addiction problem. I won’t even bother to say that I can stop at any time.

2)      Are there any sites that help you use up your stash by answering the question, I have X yards of Y yarn, what can I make with that?

3)      I received an “invitation” from my medical insurance carrier to participate in their in house wellness program (and to provide them with all sorts of other information about my health and habits), as they’d surmised from my claims that I’m at risk for heart disease. I will be declining to participate. Actually I’ll be throwing the questionnaire in the trash and not answering the calls from their nurse practitioner who will be following up on the mailing.  This is my first personal encounter with insurance companies practicing medicine without a license, and it’s pissing me off.

4)      The weather is cooler. This makes me happy. 

5)      I seem to really want a low heeled lace up boot for fall, sorta like a dressier Doc Martin.

6)      I am a girly girl.  Red lipstick and toenail polish makes me happy.

7)      I have ideas for knitting projects that will make gifties for several of my favorite people. That also makes me happy. See #1 above.   

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Things have been interesting here in Lawyerland.  I hunkered down and survived the bloodletting of layoffs to find the landscape somewhat altered.  They've cut all our after hours secretarial and tech support.  The upshot is that the secretaries are stuck working overtime, unless their lawyers foresee that they might need someone by 3-4pm and some calling around to find someone else to stay can be done.  I don't mind the extra money (when it eventually gets signed off on), but it's been hell on making after work plans social or otherwise.  Our only back-ups are supposed to be our cube mates.  In my particular case, this works fine when I'm backing up my cube mate, but not the other way around.  She often makes performance art of Being Busy, and resists transcription, which really is the best way to deal with DaBoss's work.  The cellmate is out today, and the phones were hoppin' all morning.  I anticipate summer vacations being problematic this year. 

Meanwhile, it's staff appreciation day.  The company sprang for a bagel and pastry spread (average) this morning.  Two of my associates gave me bags full of bakery treats (yum, but oy my hips!), and the third associate gifted me with an gift card (WIN!).  Nothing from DaBoss.  Not surprised.

In other news, the BP meds are still making me feel a tad off, though I've improved from the weekend when I was feeling like I'd been slipped a micky.  I'm attempting to limit my sodium intake with varying success.  And I've got more tests tomorrow at the doctor's office.  whee.  I need to graph my BP so I can see if things are starting to trend down or not. 

Finally, the memorial service (as distinct from the interment) for the stepmonster is this Sunday.  I've been mercifully uninvolved in the planning, but I'm not looking forward to having to endure condolences and hearing how such a woman, who hurt me in so many ways over the years, must be missed. 
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Got over tired (and stressed out) and the plague finally caught up with me.  

The news from the North is that Dad's been moved to the same nursing home where he was over the holidays to get his feet back under him.  Fractured ankle on one side and a broken baby toe on the other.  No casts, just boots.  When I spoke to him on Monday, he seemed to think he'd get sprung after a week or so ... so we're looking at this Friday or Monday for his discharge.

I had a doctor's visit myself for a long overdue general check up on Monday (also part of my stress).  It seems my BP is trending high again, and my first ever EKG was "wacky".  Um. Yikes.  I can't say I'm surprised, and the sources of my stress are no mystery.  Anyhoodle, the doc suggested that I go back on St. John's Wort to help with the stress/depression issues, and has admonished me to track my BP for the next few weeks and come in for a follow up.  Ugh. 


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