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Wanting to ease myself back into a yoga routine, convinced that I'm not ready to go back to classes, and a bit bored with the DVDs I own, this morning I checked out Netflix's offereings and hit pay dirt. In their "watch instantly" section was "Healing Yoga: for Aches and Pains" ... Aimed at people with arthritis and/or back pains which seemed to be just about right for my currently creaky self. The bonus was that I've actually taken classes with one of the instructors on the recording. I love instant Netflix! Plus there are a bunch more introductory DVDs in their collection which I'll work my way through as I get back up to speed. 


Feb. 16th, 2008 03:34 pm
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Yoga today was a restorative practice: lots of twists supported by a bolster.  Very relaxing.  However, I'm noticing that my hips are tight again.  There are no shortcuts.  I really must practice regularly. *grumble*  At least now that the sun's coming up earlier it's more likely that I'll drag myself out of bed for a morning practice at home.

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*tosses beads at all and sundry*

I got some chicken and andouille out of the freezer this morning and confirmed that there is rice in the cupboard with the intention of making something cajun-esque tonight for this week's belated Big Dish.   As a side benefit, this also helps with Project: Empty The Freezer.   All I have to do is pick up a green pepper and an onion and make the dang thing.  I kept intending to make a king cake this year, but life seems to have interfered.  S'ok, there are the hot cross buns from Silver Moon to look forward to.  YUM!

Every year even though I'm not religious per se, I think of something to give up or take on for Lent.  The year I gave up inhibitions was a particularly good one! ;-)  I haven't yet chosen this year's focus, though a Lenten yoga challenge has a certain appeal ...or keeping my apartment tidy ...or simply committing to 30 minutes of moving my body somehow every day.   It seems that there's a general theme of fighting lethargy involved in my candidates. 

In other news, I finally got around to watching the season premier of LOST.  My burning questions from the episode are 1) who/what did Hurley see in Jacob's cabin; 2) who are the other 3 members of the "Oceanic 6"; 3) why did a large portion of the group evidently get left behind?

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Today's yoga class also featured pigeon pose.  My hips may never be the same. Overall, a more satisfying class.  I started slowly but noticed some improvements in what I was able to do by the end of the class.  Especially moving more easily from plank to lunges without having to go to my knees.  Progress? 
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I went to my favorite yoga class today, and was thrown for a bit of a loop.  The sequencing was different than what the instructor usually offers.  Also, I was feeling off balance and out of practice.  I need to figure out how to keep some sort of consistency week-to-week even when I'm traveling.  

During the warm-up breathing exercises, when we were being encouraged to puff up our bellies with breath, on one of the exhalations I could feel my diaphragm release with a flip of panic.  I focused on sitting with it and breathing through it.  I'm sure it's a leftover from the stress of last weekend, and if it's well and truly released, that's all to the good.

What I'm noticing from the class is that recent events have knocked me off balance a bit.  This isn't all bad, but I have to remember to keep connecting to my core and root down as they say in yoga-land. 

...and my upstairs neighbor and his loud girlfriend are at it again.  SO distracting!


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