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The torso posed some serious problems.  The fabric is old and has lost lots of it's stretch, and the left side was pretty much shreaded and would need a massive patch.  However, if I just patched without addresssing the shreading the restuffed monkey would be bent like a banana.  The solution was to do some Franken-darning around the shreaded parts to hold the stuffing in, and then give the monkey a full torso cover with a portion of new sock.

That's an example of proper darning.  That patch is on the underside of the tail.

Re-attaching the limbs was no problem, and I decided that monkey needed to have a little red heart badge for all that he'd been through.  It's only tacked on, so if they owners don't like it they can pull it off.

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I've been handed a commission to restore a sock monkey that had a run in with a puppy.
Poor sad sock monkey!

There are lots of runs and several outright tears in the fabric.

I had the very clever idea to harvest materials from a new pair of red heel socks.

For all but the biggest graft, I think knitting the patch rather than cutting/sewing is going to be the way to go.  That has the benefit of having no edges to unravel on the patch.  Also, I don't think crocheting up most of the runs is going to work as the yarn is cotton and the stuffing is very stiff, so nothing has much give when you work with it.

I detached the damaged arm to work on first.  I picked up stitches to anchor the patch then kitchnered it on at the top and grafted the edges.

I think the process is going to work pretty well.

Second patch on arm.

I did some straight up sock darning on some of the smaller puncture holes.  Once I figured out what I was doing it went pretty fast.  Using the yarn from another sock is making the repairs pretty subtle in the scheme of things.  I also sewed around the bigest tear on the torso to stabilize it.  The torso is too badly damaged to reconstruct like the limbs, so I'm grafting on a new sock from neck to tushie which will cover the ugly repairs underneath.  I'm not cutting away any of the original material, just doing rough darning to keep the stuffing in underneath the new sock.  


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