Oct. 12th, 2009 07:32 am
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I FINALLY finished the self patterning socks I've been noodling with for most of the year.  Evidently my knitting got much tighter between the first and second sock and they're a bit uneven.  Oh well.  Still fun and funky. 

Next, I'm figuring out toe-up socks, and indulged in some lovely varigated yarn. 

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I stopped by the 16th-17th Century Needlework exhibit last night. Really splendid and amazing stuff. I indulged myself with the exhibit catalog, and am looking forward to sitting down and giving it a good read ... and there's even a chart of the most commonly used stitches in the back! Time to make a sampler! There's also a short film in the upstairs gallery that ties into the Plimoth jacket project.

One of my favorite details was seeing what looked like paper patterns peaking out from behind some of the embroidered trim that had rotted away on a few of the pairs of gloves. Just the variety of stiches and textures was amazing. The exhibit is cheap or free depending on when you go. If you've any interest in historical clothing and needlework GO NOW!
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A test Monmouth cap to be exact.  Plenty of mistakes in it but I want to plunk it on the head of it's eventual wearer to see how it fits before I start working on the real thing and unravel the test.  Lots of good stuff learned in the process:  casting on, knitting in the round, using double pointed needles, 2 kinds of reducing, and I-cord. 

It was FUN, and went relatively quickly ... hmmm ... it may be a very cappy Christmas...

Yes, [info]zwischenny, I am now well on my way to being a Yarn-ho ...

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SCA member X researches nifty Nordic single needle knitting/crochetting technique (Nalbinding).
Sarahbyrdd takes a workshop from SCA member X, gets a feel for the technique and thinks COOL I CAN DO THIS. 
Sarahbyrdd tells the lady at the yarn shop about it as, sparks yarn-shop-lady's interest and promises to bring project back when done. 
Sarahbyrdd shows half completed project to the office knitting lady, sparks knitting-lady's interest. 

Winter 2009 ... all of New York City sports Nalbinded hats and mittens?


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