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Things have been interesting here in Lawyerland.  I hunkered down and survived the bloodletting of layoffs to find the landscape somewhat altered.  They've cut all our after hours secretarial and tech support.  The upshot is that the secretaries are stuck working overtime, unless their lawyers foresee that they might need someone by 3-4pm and some calling around to find someone else to stay can be done.  I don't mind the extra money (when it eventually gets signed off on), but it's been hell on making after work plans social or otherwise.  Our only back-ups are supposed to be our cube mates.  In my particular case, this works fine when I'm backing up my cube mate, but not the other way around.  She often makes performance art of Being Busy, and resists transcription, which really is the best way to deal with DaBoss's work.  The cellmate is out today, and the phones were hoppin' all morning.  I anticipate summer vacations being problematic this year. 

Meanwhile, it's staff appreciation day.  The company sprang for a bagel and pastry spread (average) this morning.  Two of my associates gave me bags full of bakery treats (yum, but oy my hips!), and the third associate gifted me with an gift card (WIN!).  Nothing from DaBoss.  Not surprised.

In other news, the BP meds are still making me feel a tad off, though I've improved from the weekend when I was feeling like I'd been slipped a micky.  I'm attempting to limit my sodium intake with varying success.  And I've got more tests tomorrow at the doctor's office.  whee.  I need to graph my BP so I can see if things are starting to trend down or not. 

Finally, the memorial service (as distinct from the interment) for the stepmonster is this Sunday.  I've been mercifully uninvolved in the planning, but I'm not looking forward to having to endure condolences and hearing how such a woman, who hurt me in so many ways over the years, must be missed. 
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As much as I hate typing "chihuahua" 5-100 times a day, I can't say I'm unhappy to be busy given the current economic climate.
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1) I really wish my mother would figure out how to silence her cell ringer without hanging up on the caller -- so I could leave a message when she's with a client.

2)  Someone stomped on my toe (by accident) in the subway this morning.  It kinda set the tone for the day.

3) Spoke with TH. They're continuing to sort through the MA'rents's tax stuff for 2007 and prep 2008 with an eye to turning it all over to a book keeper. There's also talk of the MA'rents going somewhere for rehab (physical (and through the back door alcohol)). Some where warm like Florida or Arizona. Whatever. Ship them off to the Betty Ford, get em dried out. Stepmonster may or may not be eating, and she claims she's not drinking, but the gin bottle is on the table.   So says TH.  I'm going to call in the morning and see if I can catch SH for her take on things.   I'm also putting off my weekly(ish) call to the MA'rents until tomorrow so I can catch them before they're too boozed up ... and so that it's the same day as my next appointment with Dr. E, my shrink. 

4)  Amazingly crappy and stressful day at the office with several deadlines all piled up on each other.   My tum is still in knots, and the half sandwich that I have left from lunch may wait for tomorrow before I can face it.  On the other hand, all deadlines were met, by the skin of their teeth, and I didn't yell or burst into tears, so, I win.

5)  Thank goodness and little fluffy kittens, I see Dr. E tomorrow and can do a major vent, naming names and taking no prisoners.

6)  I have a great city weekend with My Feller planned.  Better clean up the not-so-secret-hideaway.  

P.S., GOBAMA!  I'm so happy to have someone from my generation heading to the White House.  


Jun. 27th, 2008 03:44 pm
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Jun. 5th, 2008 03:11 pm
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Leftover meeting cookies that have been too close to the brie on the dessert plate taste quite odd.

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Waiting for the next draft of the dreaded document.   


May. 9th, 2008 11:04 am
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I'm attempting to talk my boss through saving a document to his harddrive rather than back to the company's server.  It astounds me that he doesn't know how to do this (or more likely refuses to learn properly).    He thought he'd done it, but can't find the file ... 


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more cat pictures


Apr. 30th, 2008 01:26 pm
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Enjoying the inevitable pre-vacation (even if it's ony for two days!) pressure to get piles of stuff done.  Da Boss is also freaking about about which brain donor will cover my desk while I'm gone.  So predictable.  I've been warning you for over a week that I'll be out.  Lack of planning on your part, does not constitute etc. ... 

And, oh yeah ... transcription hell!
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Perfect for those days I'm in transcription hell on my favorite case.  *gigglesnort!* 
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I continue to be a bloody miracle worker
The Boss says call Katrina at [Insurance Company] and get them to fax proof of insurance to my bank

He doesn't have a last name for the agent
He doesn't have a number for the insurance company
I find the number
There is no Katrina
I figure out who he's talking about
And get the job done
Ah! The life of an assistant!


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