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Inquiring minds want to know. 


Jun. 10th, 2009 07:46 am
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Thanks to CDs picked up at the O'Choda tag sale this past weekend and a little bit of iTunes, I now have a respectable playlist of the music we're using for the Whyt Whey: A Caroling We Will Go event.  I'll be off to dance practice tonight to check out the dance steps and consequently get an idea of what sane tempi might be, and it may be vaguely possible that I'll have most of the music crammed into my head to teach at Sing Thing on Thursday.  I do want to make translations of the few songs that are in Latin and French so we can have A Clue what we're singing about, and I'm also trying to line up a few ringers for the event to help the attendees feel more solid.
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Well, there's another year's worth of High Holy Days Services done.  Check in hand! :-)  Overall I do enjoy these services: I get paid to sing, I enjoy the opportunity for ritual and contemplation, the rabbi is a fairly good speaker.  The downsides are: the alto is past her prime and has been approximating pitch for a few years now, you never quite know what's going to happen, I'm constantly reminded how seriously crazy many musicians are, it's a marthon, and I got 'tude from Da Boss about taking the day.

Still... my last regular opportunity to be paid to sing, and paid well.

There was a voicemail waiting for me when I got out of the service from my father.  He didn't sound good.  He needed my address to send me some of his opera tickets.  My father can't remember my address.  

Fiddle dee dee.  I think about that tomorrow.

Time to have a beer and find some dinner.


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But otherwise, despite the rain, the Ft. Tryon Medieval Festival was enjoyable.  It was surprising how many people were out even with the rain.  I was glad I thought to bring my folding chair so I had a place to sit and do some more work on attempt #2 of naalbinded mitten.  Mostly I just hung out, did fiddly things with yarn, and led a sing while you knit (or whatever) for about an hour.  Taught a few songs, learned a few songs, and generally had a good time.  With all the humidity my 22-year-old houpalandish thing stretched a bit and the hem was hitting the ground by the end of the afternoon, more elegant than the ankle length that it had shrunk to over the years, but I'd been hoping to avoid a muddy hem.  *snortle* I have garb that could have graduated from college.  Is that even possible?

THEN it was off to Forest Hills for temple rehearsal.  Overall a good rehearsal, I'm feeling pretty solid on most of the music, for a change, and can really give some attention to getting the Hebrew out (or at least the mangled version of it that I see in the translitteration).  The trains were VERY slow getting home though, and that made for a very late night.  I'm seriously considering a carservice tonight so I can get home at a semi-reasonable hour, especially as I have to be back out in Queens for the morning service by 9am on Tuesday.  Whee!


Sep. 23rd, 2008 10:44 pm
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The day at the office was mostly made of suck (as they say), but I'm happy to report that the first rehearsal for my temple gig went well.  I've retained a fair amount of the music since last year, and so far have only stumbled on one piece that's new to me (the rest of the quartet has been doing this gig for 10+ years).  Singing was a nice antidote for what had gone before.  Even better, they accomodated my request to move Sunday's rehearsal to the evening, so I no longer have a conflict with the Ft. Tryon demo.  Woot!  Duckies in a row.  Now for a teensy bit of trashy TV a glass of milk and bed.  
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If you're around the first week and want to have some fun singing, stop on by!

Singing 101: You Too Can Sing Around the Campfire           Focuses on helping the beginning singer build vocal and performance skills and confidence through exercises and group singing of rounds and easy period (or near period) songs. Repertoire for the budding bard will be discussed. 

Amphitheater, Wed. 7/30, 11AM

NB:  I submitted my description too late to appear in the printed bulletin, but it does appear in the on-line schedule.

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My voice student and I have been working on a complex Mozart round. This evening we decided it would be a good idea to "meow" through it. The caterwauling worked surprsingly well.
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My Pennsic class registration form is submitted.  Woot!  

Singing 101: You too can sing around the campfire

Focusing on helping the beginning singer build vocal and performance skills and confidence through exercises and group singing of rounds and easy period (or near period) songs. Repertoire for the budding bard will be discussed.

Even better, the marvelous bard, Lady Katherine, has agreed to help me out with pointers on SCA performance practice and repertoire.

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The first Whyt Whey sing thing seems to have been a success!  The music that I brought with me seemed to be familiar to some but not all which made the pacing of the evening go well.  I think there was general consensus that fun was had and that we should do it again on a regular basis.  Woot!

Next time I want to mix it up a little, and block out enough time to work on an easy part song as well as building the round repertoire.  I'm very much not thinking performance, I want keep the evenings focused on the idea that singing is fun and easy to do anywhere a few people plunk themselves down on a blanket. 

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 BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!  Nathan Gunn (Bari-hunk) on The Colbert Report.

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Just a little snippet of the Brahms Gypsy Songs, Op. 103,  No. 4 has been running through my head for days now.  At least I've figured out what it is!

Herz gebot, daß ich ihn küssen muß,
Denk, solang ich leb, an diesen ersten Kuß.

And who says German is an ugly language!  However, time to hum "Gilligan's Island" to get it out of my head.

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Got this in my email this morning ... can you spot what's missing?
Dear Ms. [Sarahbyrdd]:

I received your information from Ms. [Person I've Worked With].
I am in need of a soprano at Fordham. I am wondering if you are interested in singing at Fordham for specific dates in the next two months or so. Our soprano has a gig with Philly Opera.

We have rehearsal this evening at 7:30 PM.
Please let me know if you are interested and available.

[Conductor of Church Choir]
###-###-### cell

1) There's no indication of the specific dates, repertoire-style, location, or fee for the gig.
2) He want's me to be available for a rehearsal on less than 24 hours notice (at the unknown location).
3) He wants an indication of my interest without knowing any of the above?

The more that I think about this, the more I'm thinking that I'm going to turn it down on principle.  I'll come up with a tactful excuse, but seriously!  I have a life (who knew?)!  I'm not giving up my Sundays unless it's really worth it!

I've gotten the specifics back from the dude ... I'm already busy at least one of the weeknds he needs, and it's $100 per service but an hour's schlep in each direction.  After chunking that through the Time:Money Calculator, I don't think it's a winner.  Let's see if I can find him another soprano with my vast network of contacts.


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