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Friday I finally got off my duff and went to talk to the HR director about the situation with the MA'rents by way of 1) I know I'm feeling snappish and distracted on the job and want to let someone know what's going on and 2) may need to take personal time with very little notice.  She was entirely sympathetic, and yet another voice falling in line with the "you've got to take care of you" chorus.  Best of all, when I mentioned trying to find a therapist on our insurance she gave me an actual name and direct dial of someone to talk to at our EAP to get a proper referal and said that if he wasn't able to hook me up she'd get our insurance agent to help or do it herself, but that by no means was I to have to sit down with a directory and do blind calling myself, cuz yeah ... not up to that right now.   I was also assured that "everything was fine here," so those feelings of fucking up right and left at the office, are just that ... feelings.  

Bytchearse was able to visit Friday night-Saturday day.  Hooray!  Between colds, my temple rehearsal schedule, and working our tushes off at events together and apart, we haven't seen each other much in the past month, and when we have been together there wasn't much quality time.  I really needed to just be with my sweetie, and it helped immensely. 

Today I've got the time to get my self well set up to deal with the week.  Organize meals to take to the office for lunch and dinner, get laundry done, etc.  I've got rehearsals Monday and Tuesday night, and services Wednesday night and all day Thursday.  Fortunately, I think it should be a calmer week at the office now that month-end is taken care of. 


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