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Gonna be a hard one to top: real tree, stockings (including a mini one for the cat, thanks Mom!) hung by the fire, entertaining friends and family, and officially sharing living quarters with my sweetie. Pretty nifty.
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My friends are fantastic. The move was accomplished with a minimum of fuss, all things considered. My worldly goods are now located in CT. Sadly, the distribution around the apartment of the aforementioned worldly goods was hampered by my being in bed with a fever for two days last week (and the nasty persistant cough that's been dogging me forever).

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you everyone.

If you were on the moving crew, please send me your snail mail address so St. Nicolas can drop something nice in your shoes next month.

This is it

Nov. 20th, 2009 06:14 pm
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The last of the punk'n ... to set me up for the last of the packing.

Four+ Punk'n ale: where's the spice?!
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Approximate measurements

3 Billy bookcases - 32" x 11" x 80"
Sideboard - 36" x 18" 36"
Sofa - 62" x 39" x 30"
Desk - 36' x 13" x 45"
Dresser - 38" x 20" x 50"
TV - 23" x 30" x 20"
Desk chair - 43" x 22" x 25
Table - 22 x 36x 12
2 chairs - 36" x 17" x 17"
Futon Frame - full sized, collapsed

Sundry boxes and Duane Reade bags of stuff, though, not too many at this point.
A suitcase or two
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Bytchearse and I did two, count them TWO, runs to NYC to schlepp boxes (and duane reade bags) from my apartment.   There are actually shelves that are now empty.  And cupboards too.  On my nights in the city this week I need to do some sorting out (throwing out) of desk stuff and the shelf of copied music.   Soon we'll be to the fun part. 
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I haz Poang. 

We managed to do a blitz of IKEA in the 15 minutes between me getting off the train and the store closing.  Then I happily put it together while munching leftover pizza.  Bytchearse checked all the bolts to make sure my little girly hands had tightened them sufficiently.  That chair is so insanely comfortable, Bytchearse is considering getting one for himself!
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So.  This being a commuter thing.  I think it might work. 

Clearly the iPod is key, as is planning my reading/projects for the train.  But this funny thing is happening.  In NYC, I would wake up at 6, laze about, check email, maybe doze for another hour, watch some TV and generally not get much of anything done, then get ready for work and rush out the door. 

In the course of my new commute I'm getting up at the same time, but I have time to read, knit, actually listen to music, and get exercise (it's a mile from GCS to my office).  I'm sure there will be days when I'm less thrilled about the whole thing, but right now I'm optimistic.
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Bring boxes home
Pack flotsam
Jettison the jetsam
Measure all furniture
Coordinate available cargo space with our moving volunteers
Get A/C out of window and return to rightful owner
Move all worldly goods to CT
Spackle up holes
Paint over The Red Wall of Rebellion
Cancel utilities

Happily, next week I'll take a little break from all the packing to do a 1 week dry run of commuting from CT.  It should be fine.  I have sox to knit.

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Boxes everywhere!

I will be very VERY glad when this part is done.
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My resume is updated and sent to a recruiter to be passed to another recruiter with contacts in CT. 

The ball, she is a-rollin'.  :-D

I'm feeling exponentially lighter for having begun the process.


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