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I decided I needed red beans and rice and cornbread today.  The recipe card has my mother's writing, but it's my granny's (or older) recipe.


I will say that it is improved if you grease the skillet with bacon grease rather than vegetable oil.

I sorta mostly kinda followed this recipe for the beans,, I don't think we actually have one written down in the family.  I used a hambone we had in the freezer, and cut the cooking time by a bit by using the pressure cooker, though I did have to let it simmer uncovered for half an hour or so to thicken up while the rice and cornbread were cooking.

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I promised my mother spoon bread for mother's day.  Now, there are two schools of thought on spoon bread, one more souflee and the other more custard.  I grew up with the recipe from the 62? edition of the Joy of Cooking, which calls for mixing the milk, cornmeal and eggs, pouring into a preheated 8x8 pan and pouring more milk over the top of it before baking (custardy).  Going through mom's recipe cards, we found 4 different recipes for spoon bread ... mostly of the custard camp, but this one from the souflee camp (in my Granny's hand) caught my eye.  It was da bombdiggity.  We used half & half instead of milk, and did add a couple of Tbls. of sugar to the mix.  Served with bacon in the morning, and vanilla ice cream and strawberries in the evening, it's hard to think of anything better.

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I have this idea to cook through the recipe cards I have from my grandmothers.  I was looking through my card file for one of my Mutti's (paternal grandmother) recipes to make a batch to bring to my father for the holidays.   This is the one I settled on:

What's missing here?  How about oven temperature and baking time?  Sheesh, Mutti, way to make things difficult.  I didn't have enough molasses so I substituted some brown sugar and a smidge more hot water.  AND, I had a brain fart and uses 2 tsp of baking powder rather than the 2 tsp of SODA dissolved in water.  I have no idea if it'll make a big difference.   The dough seemed pretty loose before chilling … though not dissimilar to the dough of the ginger bread men from the other side of my family.  I also can't be bothered to grease and flour a cookie sheet, so on to the parchment they go.

I pre-heated the oven to 400 and checked the cookies at 5 minute intervals.  10 Minutes seems to do it.  The resulting cookie is more of a little mounded cake.  They're not that pretty even with the frosting, but they are very tasty.  Something in the spice drop family.  I'll have to ask Dad if they're anything like what he remembers.


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