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2013-02-17_11-10-55_806And now I can stop wearing the nasty micro fleece hat.  
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I have some time next week to hunt down supplies, so I thought maybe I'd get rolling on the needlepoint/longarm crosstich project I've been pondering for the past several years, and maybe knock out a test piece.  So my CT crafty folks, where's the best place to get needlepoint wool and blank canvas?


Jun. 21st, 2010 11:01 am
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Projects on my short list not really in an order:

Cut down/sew tick to fit new bed
Block/potato  printed divider curtains for big tent
cover for folding chair
2 pr. simple trousers for middle eastern garb

Organize spare room
- Get shelves to organize spare room

knit lacy scarf with the crazy soft blue alpaca yarn (simple pattern like this
finish chunky sox for kvirtue
line knitted relic bag
knit baby caps with stash yarn

register a device and name

Embroidered favor for bytchearse
New coif of better cloth, embroidered
New partlet of better cloth, embroidered
15th c. front lace gown (for summer)
chemise & hood to go with
Fancy Elizabethan cap (like the one in the userpic!)
Elizabethan ropa

... things getting added all the time.
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A test Monmouth cap to be exact.  Plenty of mistakes in it but I want to plunk it on the head of it's eventual wearer to see how it fits before I start working on the real thing and unravel the test.  Lots of good stuff learned in the process:  casting on, knitting in the round, using double pointed needles, 2 kinds of reducing, and I-cord. 

It was FUN, and went relatively quickly ... hmmm ... it may be a very cappy Christmas...

Yes, [info]zwischenny, I am now well on my way to being a Yarn-ho ...

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SCA member X researches nifty Nordic single needle knitting/crochetting technique (Nalbinding).
Sarahbyrdd takes a workshop from SCA member X, gets a feel for the technique and thinks COOL I CAN DO THIS. 
Sarahbyrdd tells the lady at the yarn shop about it as, sparks yarn-shop-lady's interest and promises to bring project back when done. 
Sarahbyrdd shows half completed project to the office knitting lady, sparks knitting-lady's interest. 

Winter 2009 ... all of New York City sports Nalbinded hats and mittens?


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